Meet the crew: The Kikolily-Test team

Hi, this is us! The Kikolily core team not only consists of humans but also of our lovely horses, which – by the way – love being our guinea pigs. Today we would like to introduce our horsey test team to you, and at the end of the article, we provide some background information on Kikolily.

Today, it's all about the animals. After all, it's them and their health that led me to create a 100% unique, natural grooming product range for horses.

The test team: The Kikolily horses

The core team consists of my three Quarterhorse mares: Smokin Nic Kalena, my first foal. Since her birth, she has accompanied me through my up's and down's in life. With and through her, I have learned a lot about horses, but also about myself. Kalena's mother – Doc Salomé – is now 18 years old and the grandma of our team. After a long career as a broodmare, Salomé now enjoys her "retirement" and being pampered by the girls in the village.

The third mare is Call Me Tara, Kalena's daughter, born in April 2016. She is most likely the most beautiful foal of all time – at least in my boyfriends and my opinion.

Our herd is completed by three more horses: Persane, a beautiful Selle Française mare, that has been part of our herd for 6 years. After a short career in show jumping, she was supposed to be put down (she refused to jump and basically bucked every rider down in the ring). Her owner Cléa saved her from her gloomy destiny, meaning that Persane is living the life now.

Then there is Fiona, a Freiberger (Swiss native horse breed) mare, small in size but with a huge heart. She is a very well trained western horse, and she loves to gallop through the fields and forests with her owner Sabrina. Last but not least, I would like you to meet Amadeus, a young Lusitano gelding. Once introduced to our female herd, he has taken their hearts by storm. Since he is still quite young, sometimes he is up to a bit of mischief.

What we love about our test team is that it consists of different types of horses with all their different characters and (skin) needs – the perfect playground for us.

About our stable

Our stable is something very special. At the core of our philosophy is the horse, it's natural behavior and it's needs. One can really tell that the horses are uber-comfortable in our place: They love their stables, designed according to the paddock paradise, horses can fulfill their natural needs because they live in a herd, have plenty of space, move a lot and can follow their instincts as well as their natural feeding behavior.

We offer:

  • Open stables with Paddock Trail

  • 4 feeding spaces with hay from hay nets

  • Shelter with organic wood flooring

  • 1000 m2 paddock (gravel ground)

  • 2.5 hectares of pasture, low-sugar type grasses

  • 24-hour supervision

About me

I grew up in Germany, but I always had the feeling that I need to spread my wings, leading to a lot of traveling. Today I am happily living in Switzerland with my horses, running the stable and family farm together with my life partner Daniel.

The horses are and always have been my passion. They are the driving force behind Kikolily and the resulting grooming products. They challenge me to rethink and improve the animal welfare conditions. One of my newly discovered interest lies in the self-medication of animals and horses in particular. I have just returned from a workshop in England, now planning on how and where to plant medicinal plants in our stable. You can read about it in our next blog post.

About Kikolily

No toxins, no chemicals: Our products don't harm you or your horse and are 100% biodegradable. Browse our catalogue, which contains washing and grooming products for now.

As for the name: "Kiko" is a Japanese girls name, meaning "happy". "Lily" is a white flower with a beautiful and delicate scent.

Kikolily – choose natural!


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