8 Things to Do With Your Horse during Fall

The weather starts to get cooler, and the leaves change their color. Isn’t autumn the most magnificent time of the year to go on hacks and strolls through the forests? We were looking for other ideas in order for you to enjoy more time in the saddle and in the stable. And in case you have already enjoyed your autumn time to the fullest, it may be time to think about next season’s goals. Here is our list with the top-things to do in autumn.

Head into the woods

Autumn is a wonderful season. On some days, the warm sun rays still tickle the nape of your neck, and the autumn colors shine in all their glory. Did you know that 31% of Switzerland is covered in forest? From yellow pine forests in the Engadine to the deep dark woods in the Ticino (the largest forest in the Ticino is twice the size of Lake Zurich and the Obersee combined) So - off to the forests, adventures are awaiting.

And why not organize a riding tour? Switzerland offers 52 proper riding tracks - this website presents the Top 10 in German.

A canter in the fields

It’s truly tempting… yesterday the farmer mowed the cornfields. You see it and you think: „Should we go…?“ Clearly, nothing says autumn like a gallop in the field. But be careful, you have to ask the farmers permission first. Most farmers are fine with you using their fields if you ask them nicely and are respectful of verges and ditches.

As the fall becomes cooler, the nasty and cold weather probably tempts you to turn into a couch potato. Also the competing season is over, and some riders head straight into a winter break. Isn’t it just the right time to think about your riding year? This is why our third point is somewhat more ambitious:

Review your riding year

- What were your best riding moments, and what would you like to improve on next year?

- What are your riding targets for the next year?

- How can you achieve those goals?

Get Fit

Dear riders, this one is for you: You cannot only set goals for your riding and your horses, but also for your fitness. Check this link here or Pinterest, if you are looking for an inspirational rider-workout or stretching tips. Get those glutes stretched, won’t ya?

Also, the sunnier autumn days probably inspire you to get your hiking shoes and and take a long stroll with your best friend. It’s not only beautiful, it makes you fitter too.

MOT for your horse

How was the health of your horse during the last season? Are its teeth okay? Would it be helpful to book some sort of acupuncture or physiotherapy session in, because your horse is a little tight in the back? And what about feeding - is your horse in a good shape? This in between season is perfect to check on the health and well-being of your horse and take appropriate measurements.

Take the time to solve some problems

Your horse doesn’t like the trailer? It doesn’t stand still if you want to get on, or there is something with your posture that has been bothering you all summer? Then it might be time to consider solving the problem. It might make your riding life that much easier. Take the time to make a plan and focus on the solution for a problem. Seek professional help in necessary. It might be that you solving this problem not only makes life easier for you, but also for your horse.

Spend quality time

We are all terribly busy, and therefore like to distribute our time efficiently. Because we are humans, we like routines, and this doesn’t exclude our stable time. Break your routine and take time to do something special with your furry friend. A long grooming session including massage? A beautiful walk? Extra activities instead of standing 23 hours in the stable? I am sure you’ll think of something.

New training impulses

Think about things that you can introduce into your training routine. Cavalettis? Ground work, trail obstacles or teaching your horse handy every day tasks such as: „standing still while opening and closing the gate“, „don’t run away if I pick a whip up“, etc. Those small things will not only make your life easier, but also more fun.

What are you especially looking forward to in the autumn? Are they the forests and fields, is it the snow that is in the air, or is it the upcoming season?

The Kikolily team is especially looking forward to long strolls in the sun and the autumn noises in the forests.

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